You Vs You

Happy hump day . To my American family be careful out there shopping it can be a war zone lol. I wanted to talk briefly about having your own internal competition with yourself.

We all go through a level of doubt especially when depression is on the horizon. When I go to the gym, after awhile I have to find a deep motivation to figure out I’m going to continue to push myself to limits. It’s easy to do the work when your getting paid to do it or even if someone is watching.  But to push yourself by looking in the mirror takes a whole different level of discipline. I workout with so many people in my position. I’m glad to establish a little fire gym family that holds each other accountable when we don’t see one of us on the gym for a few days.

This isn’t all about working out as well. You can make a change in your daily life by being the best you can be without personal motivation or reward. Do it for you but do it seeking no reward back. Karma will take care of that.

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