WW2 Fanatic

Happy Tuesday to everyone reading. I want to thank everyone lately for their love and support. I get encouragement from some real people and I seriously can’t describe in words what it means to me.  I wanted to show a little insight to some things that people may not know about me. One fact is that I love history specifically WW 2.

I spent over 6 months in Germany , 3 months 2005 and 3 months 2007, and was blessed enough to walk the streets and visit some of these historic events. The Berlin Wall, playing in Olympia Stadium , driving through the Audubon, are just some of the features I got to visit while I was there. But my appreciation grow in the past 5 years when more footage of the war began to be released.

The propaganda machine of Germany that had even its own people fooled can be a sign about what will happen in the future and it actually did. This was the last war where everything and everyone literally was on the table. The shifts in Battle, the backstabbing in leadership, the attempted assassinations, this things is like a soap opera amongst world leaders !

If you like history legitimately then you can start to watch WW2 in Colour on Netflix but you can also found countless im debt documentaries on YouTube and other history streaming apps.  I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions let me know !

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