Willie Lynch is a Bitch

It’s a new week, a new day, and the sun is starting to rise even more. You can feel that energy moving through your body. Make sure you listen to it and keep yourself as healthy as possible. We all need to arm ourselves with good health and truth. This is the reason why I purchased the actual Willie Lynch speech to really hear how disgusting his tactics where into trying to control slaves at the time.

Willie Bitch was from Virginia. That’s all your getting from me as far as his background. He performed an ignorant speech on the outer banks of the James River in Virginia. This call and even letters handed out was to control the slaves fully. A tutorial one would say about how to “control” the slave. During that time the uprising was fierce. So they called in this “master” to help out. I had to read this for me and maybe I can save others from reading this garbage.

Some of the tactics he stated included comparing slaves to horses. Since the horse was one of the most intelligent animals and of course we weren’t look at as humans regardless of our accomplishments in the face of horrific oppression. Cross breading was actually talked about as well. Reading through every word makes me want to vomit. I can hear my ancestors screaming at me to tell the truth.

This bitch Willie really did a number on us. He advised for more punishment, more hangings, and more mental attacks then anything. Making the male feel inferior yet hard working so you keep him in that state. Emasculating strong slaves in front of everyone to mentally keep the fear. Even how to raise the slave women to be strong yet humble enough to know who feeds her and she then transfers that fear into the baby.

One of the bitch moves he tried to implement which actually works and to this day that has us divided, was to put us against each other. The slave was fighting back , and all it took was numbers , communication, weapons and unification and we where going to burn this hoe down. Willie sucker face lynch advised other owners to put an end to this. Undressing us in front of everyone to see, lying to others about internal slave drama and causing more and more to turn on each other . Sounds familiar? These ideals aren’t as raw today but systematically they are in our lives everyday. How many times in the past did I lower my voice, show my hands so they know I’m not stealing or have a weapon, act extra nice to lower the tension, and that was just me walking into a grocery store. To this day off instinct alone it still happens that I operate this way. You don’t really feel free.

So when people want to talk about CTR (Critical Race Theory) and you want to hide the truth from getting out, just know the ancestors are screaming on our ears. I read it everyday. I feel it. You can even see it my eyes. The worst thing they could have done was take the strongest of the strong, oppress them for over 400 years, meaning only the strongest out the the strongest OUT OF THE STRONGEST could make it. Then release us while oppressing us still. You bred the black American. The strongest African Hybrid of them all. You blind us now with money. But the ghost are here. You tried to eliminate the Native, you used Black America’s for 400 years while we built your Country and invented everything. You think the universe will let you get away with this ??! We will watch it burn and then rebuild it how it’s supposed to be.

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