Williamsville New York (Buffalo): Racism at an all time high.

It’s Thursday! Another chance to grind and get better at anything you do. Stay consistent. Stay on it. You can’t fail if you never give up. Today I felt away to be honest. A lot of fake, snake like, behaviour being displayed especially now that everyone is back outside. Seems like those with ethics have to stay away from everyone. I see why people become recluse and get their land. But I didn’t want to stop putting my foot on Babylon’s neck. So I decided to call out my high school town and my high school for it’s racist tactics that I still think about to do this day.

Let me be clear. I’m from Buffalo NY. My entire county has had tons of racist undertone in it for years. If I listed off all the racist exchanges I grew up with and even as an adult dealt with, I would need about 20 more pages. But one situation that still to this day angers me is what I went through at Williamsville South High School.

When I attended my first day it was of course tough. Many people don’t go through a situation where out of 1500 kids, there where about 15 who where black or of a different colour than white. I was also raised a lot on the east side of Buffalo on the weekends. It was a crazy confusion to say the least. But I noticed something right away that I didn’t get why this was used as a symbol for my high school. The confederate flag was displayed everywhere; on varsity jackets, bumper stickers, even flown during football games leading the team out. We where the southern high school of Williamsville, which then gave them a right to fly a confederate flag? It blew my mind.

My mother and 5 other black mothers got together after I told them this and made a formal request at the PTA meeting to remove this from the routine so to speak. They quietly took it away but that didn’t stop the production in varsity jackets. So until my senior year I saw confederate flags on the sleeve of white athletes the entire time. My eyes go right to it and my blood begins to boil.

Williamsville School district has never once formally apologized for this. Williamsville is not the nicest place as far as racism. They love to hide it under the good old suburban culture. Your time is coming though Williamsville. Personally I know a few of my friends who have now grown and made amazing things out of our lives in the midst of this. I’d like a real acknowledgment and a formal apology. I’d like real education to be displayed about why this flag should not be flown. I was called a NEGRO by my high school football coach. We couldn’t wear receiver gloves because of the “fashion” lol ? Please. Thank you for the degree and the tools but thank you also for letting me know what world I was entering in as well.

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