Why Pretend?

Good afternoon everyone it’s a Monday and it’s another chance to improve this week to improve in whatever you do. Don’t let anything or anyone get in your way and if they not riding with you fully then kick them out that life vehicle. Today I wanted to be brief it’s been busy in a good way lately and that is a true blessing. I called this blog “why pretend?” : I have a song in my ear from the G-unit mixtape era called “Bad News” . It summed up how I feel about a lot of things and even groups of people sometimes. Chorus goes:

“I don’t like you, you don’t like me, it’s not likely

That we’ll ever be friends, why pretend ?”

So true. I learned a lot over the past 10-12 months especially about this “cannabis community “ I know the same people will come to you and talk shit about a person, next thing you know they doing a photo shoot together like they been friends this entire time . I’m sorry but once it’s Fuc me it’s Fuc you to and that’s for life. Call it stubborn, call it the Taurus coming out and putting my horns down, call it whatever : but you can’t call it fake by any means.

A person who plays both sides or sets you up for days only to leave you for dead, are some of the most dangerous and toxic people on this earth. Ultimately they could careless about anyone if it doesn’t benefit them. Even when they try to seem like there “helping” : their just doing this for self gratification and nothing else. These people will fully stab you in the face not the back, then walk around like it’s justified. Special place for these people and a special type of karma is coming to them.

So to wrap it up that’s really it. They don’t like you, they want to be fake around others , they want to act as if you don’t know the truth, let them crash on their own. Sit back and watch the creator cook….

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