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Why do I do this ?

Happy Monday habareen! Salute to the real and be careful on cyber Monday not to go to crazy. Honestly I have to put my phone away sometimes. With me investing a lot always into my health I get excited about items most people don’t. But very excited to re up in herbs , sea moss, and small items that are needed. It’s a blessings to even be able to afford to keep myself healthy truly when I look at it. I could choose to invest in so many other things but health is truly wealth and I stand in that fully.

So why do u do this , this blog …why? Because it shows me everyday where my platform loyalty lies , but most importantly shows the real people in my corner. In due time now that things are settled i will increase everything I can to expand my platform organically. Of course the more genuine you are and of course positive, the longer it can take.  However I just won’t fold or do hot takes for controversy. I’ve taken a stance on how to address things in the social media as well and it’s a full change in perspective. This so far has been another learning type of year. But it’s made me stronger daily. To be honest the future is looking much brighter. But I stay on guard and vigilant always. Can’t trust most people to be honest. And you don’t need to

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