When Men Need to Shut up

Good morning evening and all that to everyone. I hope your weekend was as blessed as always. It’s a time for transition. So continue to push forward and keep the focus on level 10. I wanted to keep it short and sweet today because it’s still Indigenous History Month and I want to continue to bring attention to my native cousins in the best way possible.

With all the decision making that has gone on over the past week, it feels as if we have stepped back into the 1800s in our minds. Once again decisive decisions are being made by people who are some of the most racist and chauvinistic people born on this planet. How can any man tell a women what to do with her body by law? Like literally sit back and ask yourself again what could any man possible tell you about your own experiences? Then drop laws to force that outlook?

Anyone who has a take on this issue knows that’s this can be personal. At the end of the day it’s to me sickening to see men debating on what a women should or should not do with her body mind or anything. What If women decided ok, we are passing laws: every man will be put on birth control and to be taken off it you must pass a certain criteria. Think about the outrage. Well what’s the difference ?

It’s also a lot more problems still cooking in the world that our government and media refuse to even address. With all the money raised on either side that is then funnelled into the pockets of the Babylonian leaders, we could have ended world hunger, land back and reparations a long time ago. But men telling women what to do with their bodies has never been ordained by any entity and definitely not The Most High

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