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We are loosing the home values

Happy Monday to all the real. Hope everyone s week has started off correctly. I send prayers to everyone to be honest. Holiday season seems so much fun when your young and have little responsibilities other then to give a gift or find out where you are celebrating. But my heart goes out to the ones who are truly alone during these times. I'm not talking about the one s who are alone because of their own negative actions. I'm talking about the people who may be far from family, or have to work during the holiday's, or even just going through a lot and seem to do better during these times alone. I can resonate with that. I haven't spent the holidays with my Buffalo Family in almost 10 years. That was my choice however as far as moving and working as well. But it can be somewhat depressing living in areas where you don't see that familiar face you might have grown up with. So send extra real love to everyone in your circle if you can. Especially to the men, we hide it so much but some of us are really hurting.

I wanted to make a brief blog about how I think we are loosing home and family values. Does it ever seem like during this time a lot of people who may be married or in long term relationships , the majority of these people are unhappy or feel they may be with the wrong person? Maybe so. However we now have access to what we may feel as better options so to speak. This to me happens with women especially. A lot of common men who work hard and are solid, loyal, and caring are being overlooked for the better lifestyle type of choice. Money is now a huge drawing factor in the decision. Meanwhile the women who don't care about that are also getting drowned out other women who think completely differently. So its almost like a huge division is being caused and there are many factors to blame. The common man seems to be alone but don't get it twisted the common women is also because Men are starting to actually give up. When you do this society is totally effected. We need drastic change and I will continue to use my voice to spread awareness

if I can on these subjects.

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