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Watch Yourself Not Others

Happy Tuesday everyone. It’s almost the end of the Babylon new year already, holidays are coming very soon. I want everyone to continue their focus on improving and evolving yourself during these times. Try not to take too many breaks or go so hard with relaxing so much. It can put us all in different mindset. We need to be on top of things fully at all times. Today I wanted to talk about continuing to focus on self and not being affected by what you see others do.

Of course we all know that with social media it allows us to see others literally at the speed of sound. But that also gives a false narrative to what’s really going on in people’s life. I guarantee you social media has increased depression on a whole level. Because we can easily be effected by what else we see. Especially when we are in the pursuit of financial freedom or even just a different plan. I personal use to get caught in this a lot. I would see others getting booked or even wondering how they got to where they are. Why ? You don’t know the work they put in or the behind the scenes situations that can cause them to get to where they are! You can’t win the race if your looking to the right or left. Continue to look forward and keep that lion/lioness focus.

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