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Watch Whose Watching

Happy Tuesday to the real. I hope everyone is having a better week. It’s getting close to the end of the “year” and it can be a crazy time period. Make sure guys keep focused on your mental health as always and if you can physical as well.  I wanted to talk about a concept that I learned this last year and that’s “watch who’s watching “.

In this social era where we can see who’s observing us or even now I can track who’s watching my website for analytical reasons, we can see whose watching. But I also keep the lion eye on everything. This means see things and act in silence without even addressing it. There are so many people that watch . But not for real reasons . It’s all for self gratification. They want to see you fail or even rise so they can ride your wave you created. If they aren’t helping you build the wave then they shouldn’t ride it when it seems like it’s big enough to fit a bunch of surfers. Please over-stand that.

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