Wall is to High

Happy Monday to all. It’s truly fall / winter weather where I’m located so if you are in the north east you know what time it is. Please get your herbs and your health right by any means. I suggest sea moss like I always do because it actually works. Stay fit if you can mentally and physically. Today I wanted to talk about the walls that we need to keep up from specific people.

I have been called everything in the book this past year. Recently even being accused of being a homosexual Rasta who uses the faith to hide that I’m gay. There are people in my circle who are hysterically laughing at any of these rumours. I have become numb to it and have build a wall up so high that it doesn’t even make sense to try to get at me with this notion. It’s made me tougher, colder to people I don’t know, and shows how disgusting people are. I hope they that understand I know exactly who is continuing to play petty games and deep down I know your scared of my success. To try to kick a man when you think he  is down who is protected by many people and spirits brings karma to you and your people that you can’t reverse. I’m on top of my wall looking at you throw pebbles to a wall you can’t even see over. I have the artillery to crush you. But Jah he’s told me to operate otherwise.

With that being said why react or call out people who don’t care. They want you dead . So talking to them is unnecessary. The security wall is high around the heart and mind. The same people throwing pebbles helped me build this wall themselves. This isn’t poker or a game. This is my life . I stand to firm and those around me who I protect with the wall get full access to the truth. They know everything and willing to fire back with me saying it’s anything . That’s all I care about.  Other than that may Jah have mercy on you. I don’t need to talk much or show anything to those people still obsessed with my down fall. You going to watch for centuries because I will never even if I go to Zion I live forever. Go throw stones somewhere else you know you can get to.

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