W E B Dubois. A true Freedom Fighter

Thank you and Jah bless for tapping into the blog. I hope I can provide a little mental food for you on a daily basis. One thing I was always told was to look to our elders for guidance. One person that motivates me every day to continue to do more is the amazing W E B Dubois.

Dubois was born in 1868 out of Great Barrington, Mass. He was born into a group of free blacks at the time , where his family obtained land in the state. His grandfather was a French American who fathered many children with slaves at the time. Dubois grew up in a mostly white town and was well known around the area because of this fact. He was integrated into the local schools where as a father-less black man his racism attacks where on the regular. Even with these difficulties, he let his mind speak for him. It was clear by even his European teachers that his intellect , and his passion to learn more was truly extraordinary. They knew that he would one day take these educational tools to empower Black Americans all across the country.

Dubois decided to attend Fisk University, a prominently all black college in Nashville, Tennessee where he got his first taste of good old Jim Crow. This of course included lynchings, bigotry oppression, and the suppression of black voting. He graduated and then went to Harvard College, who by the way did not accept his credits from Fisk University at all. He paid his own way through side jobs and relentless work and ended with a Bachelor Degree in history. He didn’t stop at all. He then went to the University of Berlin, Germany where he continued his studies. He became an example at the the time where most white people thought we where monkeys or even down right dumb, Dubois killed this stigma. Many professors he met over his time especially in Europe became astonished by his intelligence and even stated that the mental inferiority of the black man and women was clearly false.

Dubious books became real tools for Black Americans, but he also put in work for the Asian Community as well. He was a general in the Pan African Movement. Du Bois believed that capitalism was a primary cause of racism, and he was generally sympathetic to socialist causes throughout his life. His literature cut down babylon with every word. I would like to leave some facts for you to check out. He deserves way more than this reasonsing.

The motivation is clear from Dubois. He never stopped being himself. He never folded on his pursuit of education and instead of flipping this gift into personal gain, he bought it back to empower the people. I only hope that I can do the same thing one day. Thank you W E B Dubois, a true warrior, a true freedom fighter, and this is what I call gangster.

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