Vote: They sacerficed so you can .

Happy Tuesday to all. I hope everyone’s week is going well. Make sure you continue to strive for mental health improvements on a daily basis . It’s that time where the sun is out less and temperature s are obviously cooler so take care of yourself in a major way. Today I wanted to talk about the importance of voting all through   North America.

As a Black African American my people weren’t allowed to vote at all until the 60s and even then had to deal with intimidating tactics. Specifically Alabama where on national TV the police beat up a bunch of peaceful civil rights activists for simply wanting to spread awareness to one of the last places black people weren’t allowed to vote. So I was told from time that to honour those people you must vote ! Also it gives you the right to seek actual change.

Also in Canada last election only 26% of the citizens showed up to vote. But most Canadians know more about the US elections then their own. I hear it all the time. You need to focus on your own country because it’s slowly going down the drain. You want to send a message. Start putting the trash out of office by voting.

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