Victorio: Standing Firm Until The End

Good morning hope everyone is having a great day. If not just not that you are alive. Don’t take moments for granted. I have seen numerous murders in person and have had people here today then gone Tomorrow. So if you have issues or you want to let that person know your heart, do it. No one knows the time we have on this earth. I wanted to give love as always to my Native Cousins on this Indigenous history month. Today I wanted to give love to a warrior who knew he would die for his people and did just that. His name is Victorio!

Born in 1825 in the place we know as New Mexico, he was right on the middle of the outright hunt for the life of native people. He grew up in the Chihenne band where he was listed as head chief by the US Army at the time. He was also taken tooled up by Mangas Coloradas on how to attack the enemy and protect the land. At this time they where moving natives from reservation to reservation causing horrible harm to each tribe and enough was enough.

Victorio led 200 men in a long term battle all through what we know as Texas, New Mexico in a long term war against the US and Mexico armies. Imagine battling for your life on your own land by two different armies. You have either 2 choices lay down and die or die fighting. He went on to win numerous fights against both armies deeming him “dangerous “ when in reality he was a fighting for his people and soil and did just that.

Victorio and 200 of his men died in battle fighting the Mexican forces but this was after about 15 years of fighting and not letting go. The mindfucc is the Mexican army fight Natives…if you can overstand that fuccery you know. That’s literally like beating up your first cousin who looks like you. Salute to Victorio. True rider to the end.

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