Tyendinaga Athletes. Indigenous History Spotlight: Kendall Tabobandung

It’s another day and another chance to get better. Sending prayers and good vibes to everyone. Its that special time of the year to continue to grow. The key is to stay consistent at all cost. If your not aware again it is Indigenous History Month. If you know me personally you know I got so much love for Tyendinaga. From the heart that land means so much to me. With that said I had to give a shout out to some good people making some waves out of the territory. Being a former pro athlete of course I had to start with some athletic greatness.

Today I’m going to give love and sending protection vibes and strength to Kendall Tabobandung! She is currently a freshmen at Wagner University in New York (states island to be exact ) playing D1 women’s lacrosse! She earned a full athletic scholarship to a very good contender. Her early days she played in the box and in the field with the mens teams which gave her amazing stick skills which translated into her game when she played with other women. She excelled at hockey and other sports as well but put her focus fully on lacrosse. She states that her highlights do far are playing for Team Haudenosaunee.

I’m already proud of this women because I know exactly where she came from. I hope if you ever read this article: to let you know that you remind me of a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Wagner and Statin Island could be a culture shock. But you come from a tough, powerful, unique place. Greatness is all around you. Never forget who you are ever ! Thank you for being great !

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