Time is Now

Greetings to all how is everyone doing!!! I feel great today and I really hope you do to. Those who know what I’m going through know that things can change very quickly for the better. I hope your enjoying every second of your life because it’s way to short. And today I wanted to talk about why the time is now to do anything and everything your heart desires.

We all are on a path of life and no one knows the time when we transition. So imagine going on a trip or a drive and you don’t really know the destination or when it will end. You only hope that it won’t end all of sudden or early. So basically you would sit back and enjoy the ride. That’s how we should look at life but with a fierce motivation to better the ride while your on it.

I was told by an OG “ if you love something go for it, you don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself.” Unfortunately we actually don’t. When tragedy hits or difficulties, we like to take time to sit still to go over what happened. This is key I get that. But I feel as if we shouldn’t spend to much time in this cement stage. It’s key to take the time to heal. But don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

The time is now to to go get it. Whatever you feel whatever you know whatever you desire. The most high controls the ride. You may not know where your going, but Jah is the driver. He knows the destination, he knows the road he even knows when it will end but he’s not going to tell you that ever. Everyday. All day. Go get it !!!!

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