This World…is Fucced

Today is another day of grief. It’s like déjà Vu all over again. I want everyone reading this to take time to thank Allah, The Creator, The Most High that you are alive and well. I wrote about these times being serious and to be honest I wish I wasn’t right. These massive shootings continue to happen. Lives are being lost. What the Fuc is going on?

From my overstanding. There’s only one group of people that continue to have blood on their hands and do nothing about it. You know who are. You gun toting white right wing fake Christians who believe that you are the chosen and righteous people. You continue to allow anyone to handle and carry automatic weapons. You justify your actions as your god given right. Then events like this happen, and the silence is on a full scale. You know who does this every month, you know the race you know the kind and you do absolutely nothing.

How many times are we going to morn? Meanwhile the politicians who get paid by the people, get the job and just talk. The biggest scam on plant earth. Just talk about doing shit and ultimately do nothing. I’m tired of people of colour being preyed upon by racist cowards who deserve to have their lives taken under the ordinance of the most high. I’m tired of coward little boys going to innocent kids, KIDS, defenceless, kids and killing them. Notice the power that he will NOT show exactly who continues to attack and kill for no other reason then a sickness that should have been dealt with at birth ! It’s the same, columbine, sandy hook, now Texas. There are hundred of cases that you won’t even hear about. It is a shame. If your in Texas then every teacher needs to be armed. Case closed. Then, serious programs need to attached to every school to offer help. Then the parents of these mass shootings should be held accountable period. I don’t care stop this bull shit of not watching your kids. They end up killing people literally.

I don’t know I’m tired of it. And watch Babylon do nothing. Talk about it. Do nothing. It’s not about checks, it’s not about gun laws either. Enough is fuccin enough. If you leave it up to the people you know what time it is .

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