They Don’t Care:

Happy Start of the week to everyone reading. Today I feel motivated and I hope you do to. It’s time; rather your waiting, scared , or ready to launch the time I’m telling you is now. I wanted to talk today about personal motivation and how “they” don’t care : when I say “they” it means almost anyone. This “they” is personal to each and everyone of you. I’m going to explain why “they “ don’t care.

You ever get motivated by some one very close to you and it puts you on a emotional rollercoaster? That’s happened a few times to me for sure. It can do a lot of things to your emotional armour. You can feel alone, betrayed , underestimated, foolish, and even down to the point you question life and why your living. Society has fucced up our mindset so much that we think that having possessions like car, place , and job give you direction. So normally when we see a person with these things we think “hey they got it together, they are on the right path !”. On the contrary they could be as miserable as ever with no sense of direction and no course to true Zion like happiness.

Then when we see a person who may not have a car , maybe trying to find a place or living here and there trying to find there direction we see them as lost. We question their future. That’s actually ignorant considering todays society and how inflation has caught us all. Some people choose the career their trying to make, some just want to stack it, others have obligations that aren’t talked about because we don’t want victimize ourselves.

Ultimately “they don’t care “ means exactly that. You have to find your personal motivation and say Fuc everyone and that may include people who you are very close with . I know it’s happened to me and ultimately you feel low, u feel motivated and then the worse use you feel resentment especially when are proven right. They don’t care at all about you and that’s ok. Take care of yourself and say Fuc em!

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