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The Power of Fire:

Jah bless and guidance to all reading. It’s been one long ass week but I hope everyone is still grinding and enjoying the summer as much as you can. I got a late start but I didn’t want to miss a day even if it’s a little bit of writing.

I wanted to talk about the importance of fire. Fire is a serious entity. It can burn, it can kill, it can heal as well. I remember one specific fire that happened on territory actually and it was a truly spiritual experience. I was going through so much hurt, pain , confusion , and anger that I needed to burn something. I got some guidance from a few friends and wrote all my feelings on a paper and burned it. The smoke was fierce that day. Fortunately someone took a picture of me inside the smoke and what it revealed was truly amazing. Lions, old family members , all came to visit. It was like they knew I needed to know that I’m protected.

Sitting by a fire even to me can be a uplifting and even a calm experience. We use fire to burn and recharge the land but we can also use fire to kill or even restrict people from coming. I’ve learned to love it and respect it. Fire blaze always to Babylon. Healing fire to the people. Hope you can overstand that.

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