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tears of a Clown

Happy Thursday to the real. I hope everyone woke up with shelter food and clothing. I wanted to give some healing vibes out there for everyone during this time. Suicide is a real issue especially amongst black men and a lot people do not realize in general that when you research more men are ending their lives more than ever and are one of the leaders in this category.

Recently a man that goes by the name of DJ Twitch committed suicide a few days ago. I never knew him or heard of him. But when i did my research as well I found out he was a huge part of the culture. Day time TV especially with the Ellen DeGeneres being the intro voice and getting the crowd hyped every day. Even the day before you see him smiling dancing and putting on a good vibe to actually hide the pain he was going through. I relate to this on a whole level. I can go in the public and act completely normal with a huge smile on my face but inside its a war going on.

Another person I thought of is Junior Seau. He was a Hall of Fame Linebacker for the San Diego Chargers and had the heart of a true lion. A day before his passing there is tape of him singing and playing the ukulele like it was nothing. The next day he shot himself in the chest so that the doctors could study his brain to figure out what was going on to maybe save others.

Please check on your friends. Let them know you love them, and let them know you are a safe place to vent and to call if you ever have feelings of really hurting yourself or taking your life. I am always here for all of you. In fact it has given more motivation to live. Hit me anytime and I'm

dead serious. Even this website goes to my phone. Im always available.

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