Taken the “N” word out of my music

As always thank you for giving your time. If your reading this we have made it another day, another hour and even down to another second. Through these serious times, that survival says a lot about your perseverance. Continue to never give up and thank you for tapping-in.

If you haven’t yet please look up the latest Saviours Day Speech by the Honourable Louis Farrakhan. It’s was extremely empowering as always. I want to give a huge salute to the Minister for always guiding us in the way of truth. One of his quotes I remember dearly which leads into my reasoning is “…God don’t make niggas!” He s is absolutely right and that’s why for the past year I have taken it out of my music and will continue.

The definition of the actual word is gross. It was a way of demeaning black people to a status of nothing but slaves and unintelligent beasts. A dog call. A nickname to tell you where you stand “over here”. But just like we took actual slop that was giving to us to eat which was the same slop from a pig pens dinner plate, and turned that material into an actual meal that was edible, we did the same with this word. But this gave a false green light to anyone who now thinks “ well I took the E R. Of the end ,”. Oh that’s the other definition we used after awhile to identify ourselves, which like everything in our culture, was taken.

To be upfront I’m talking to myself here as well. I remember using this word like the word “what”. I even still may slip up and I catch myself with it. But I by the grace of the Most High have composed 13 songs since making the choice of not putting it in my music. I felt a lot of people getting to comfortable with using the word and playing the ace card of “well they say it in their music!” excuse. The Honourable Louis Farrakhan is correct. God didn’t make niggas, colonizers did. God made Kings and Queens that turn into Gods by displaying his greatness through all of us.

It’s easy not to put this word on my music and it’s becoming easier year by year not use so often. Not going to sit here and lie or act higher then anyone. I say it still with my day ones. But we also have more king talk. And no one will even notice if you don’t even say it in your music especially when you deliver the message with true strength. I made the choice and will continue. Let’s continue to try to uplift each other as much as we can to the ones deserving of course. And if I don’t want people outside my ethnicity to repeat the word in a song or at all, then for my choice going forward it will continue to not be in my music. Listening to my old material I even cringe a bit. Yet it was so easy to write it out. Now when I write there’s no room for it. Overstand that? Give thanks. Jah Bless

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