Staying True to Yourself: Creating your own lane:

Happy Friday, Happy Sabbath. It’s a wonderful end of the week please feel free to enjoy a little time for yourself. Relaxing is key to healing trust me ! Today I want to just be a brief about staying true to yourself on all aspects.

We are all trying to find our way. No one is perfect and not to many have some set goal in life. As matter of fact I was asked a few weeks back about my 5 year plan from someone who clearly was looking down on me because they had “more” . When in reality after stepping back that person didn’t have anything more than I did. And I even got what they have now in 2 weeks so really who are you asking that question to? I’m staying true to myself and not rushing anything for anyone but myself. Sometimes that’s hard because you also care and love others enough to sacrifice for the better. But these cowardly lying snakes are also culture and energy vultures which allows them to seem like they have together even in reality they got what ? What’s your direction ? Do you even know it? So why the Fuc are you judging others? Create your own lane and focus on that transition not the public.

I got some great words of encouragement from some real people even in this industry who have watched me grow for years. They know what I’ve been through and they definitely don’t have a sheep mentality. For that I thank you from the heart. This lane I’m creating will be special and I won’t forgot not one person who had my back nor will I forgot the ones who stabbed me in it also. Boomerangs all over. Trust me.

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