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“Snakes Coming for the Foundation”

Good afternoon everyone big salute to you all. It’s summer and it’s active out here so be wise be careful and enjoy it fully. If you are in the Toronto area and you are reading this there is a show that I’m participating in this Friday. Go to my ig link for details ! I wanted to talk about that quote that I wrote in a song last year. I swear I wanted it on a t shirt or tattooed on me. “Snakes coming for the foundation…”

Now I will say I love all animals. The snake obviously gets a bad name throughout history as being creepy, sneaky , silent , and will bite you when you least expected. I have love for snakes because I got love for all Jah s creatures, however I would never keep one in my house especially an exotic style snake that can easily kill you in your sleep. So in society we like to compare those venomous sneaky style snakes to humans. That to me is the correct comparison when talking to or interacting with some citizens.

It seems like when you really want to progress or when your doing some self work, evolving, or whatever improvements you like to make on your course of life; a snake in the grass pops up. It’s not a harmless one either, it’s killing a lot and you don’t even know it. That’s the messed up part about it. You can only identify the snake once you see it but most are so camouflaged or blended in the surroundings it’s hard to pick out. Hard to trust anyone!

Every once in awhile we have to do some landscaping to see what is in our garden and why. I seen a few moving around and they can’t stay in this garden at all they have to be eliminated. That choice is for the protection of your foundation which is key. Watch everyone, keep the grass low and the machete close.

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