Seneca Nation: Buffalo NY

Happy Thursday to everyone. Hopefully your week is going by with a little less difficulty. If you are grinding more than usual just know it gets better with every turn. Keep positive and don’t fold. Today I wanted to give love to my Native Cousins as always. June is Indigenous History month, so I decided to talk about where I was from and how I was raised on stolen land belonging to the Seneca Nation.

Seneca Nation is based out of Western New York, specifically the Salamanca area. This is south of Buffalo Ny about 45 minutes. I played football with a few people from town at Buffalo State College. The actual capital of the Seneca Nation is located in Irving NY. The leadership of the tribe was established in 1848. To this day there are now 8,000 from this tribe that are mostly spread out amongst the states.

In the Iroquois Confederacy, the Senecas where looked at as the “Keeper of The Western Door.” I know a lot of people don’t get how deep this is but I’ll list off some towns in western New York and you tell me what land we are standing on. West Seneca, North Tonawanda, Cheektowaga, Salamanca, Allegheny, just to name a few. I again was never told the history until I was actually not even living in the area . The keep it that way to be honest and it’s disgusting.

The Seneca’s have fought the government many times and have battled racism and oppression on numerous occasions. Meanwhile they have built facilities, casinos and business ‘s that provide EVERYONE with well paying jobs. They even fought to ensure the tax money that was given to the state would circle back to the local Niagara community where their casino was built. When the state couldn’t guarantee it, they refused to pay. It took another governor and another deal that was fair to actually get it right. I was living in WNY during the time and the ignorance was on a whole other level.

Take time to research my area and the Indigenous ownership of Westen New York. I love where I’m from, but this is all stolen land flat out.

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