See it. Stay Silent

Good morning and love to all tapping in this Monday. It’s the begging of the week and make sure you enjoy these days because summer is ending quicker then you know. I wanted to infuse everyone with the lion eye  type of perspective. I feel that we all need to take this advice when handling some obstacles.

The identity that Rastafari and specifically me has with the Lion goes back to even biblical times. To me it’s my animal that I fully relate with. My mother always called me “young cub” because I would watch, stay quiet and also do a lot of pacing when I’m heavy in thought. But it’s more complex then look. It’s the ability to observe without people knowing your watching. The notion to act but holding back knowing that’s much wiser. It’s prominent in all our behaviour.

Trust and believe in this fake “canna community “ you will definitely see and hear more fuccery then you can ever imagine. Sometimes I’m given information about people and I’m not even interested in. Or I see some of the fakest shit I ever seen. Some of these events are filled with nothing but snake pits. Then the snakes links up with more snakes get high and act like “family “. Some of you are liars , backstabbing talkers who play any side that has free shit. Some of you have ruined lives and are walking around as if your some influencer. Some of you are still playing dumb people but the real know where and how you get your shit and the circle comes right back to me and you don’t even know It.

See my frustration? Literally it’s why I have little love to give to this community. I gave my life soul and heart. A lot of you don’t know that I’m still paying for lies that where done to me. These people should know that the lion eye is real. I’m seeing this all from a higher elevated place where you can’t see me mentally or physically. I wash my hands of your dirt and give it to the Most High. But I still pray that he has mercy on you. You can’t keep doing this to good people and not know that one day it will be time to pay up.

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