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Happy humps day habareen! It’s a new day and sometimes you just have to thank the universe for being alive and having another chance to change or improve your life. I want to thank everyone who continues to read my blogs to be honest it’s truly motivating. I do it for you guys to be honest and every-time I’m tired or may not feel like it , I know that someone out there needs to hear something that can change there perspective which intern saves their life . I wanted to talk about the seasonal depression we all face but still have to power through the season to get through it all.

It’s cold, dark and depressing during these times. Fall only last so long until winter comes crashing down for almost 6 months. This can increase depression and sickness because of the lack of vitamin d we will all go through. That’s why it’s important to practice resilience as much as you can. We are all built different but there are some basic things we can do to keep us on the right path during this time;

  1. Increase your health habits: even a little goes a long way so don’t feel you have to become a gym warrior at all . But pushing yourself little by little and staying consistent will make difference.

  2. Keeping real ones around you. I almost took my life last year because I was around people who ultimately tried to ruin my name and my life with lies. It was around this time and if it wasn’t for good people helping me who knows where I would be. So if their not a real one then they can interact with you next summer.

  3. Keep the nutrition up. Not just what you eat or drink but what you feed your mind. Images , books, music, and even movies can effect the psychological waves that can curl you into depression. Fuc that !

  4. Battle the elements. As I’m writing this the weather is flat out stay in style and watch movies , but it’s cardio day and I’m going to get up dress warm and go kick my own ass for an hour. The long term effect of this will help.

I hope this can help everyone during this time and you all know I’m a message away if needed.

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