Sea Moss Pt 2

Happy Tuesday to the real. Hope your days have been fulfilled with positivity. Just know we are in a time of transition. So don’t be scared of changes and continue to follow your gut instincts. I also notice that a lot of people are getting sick again. This is the start of the season change and could trigger some allergies to flare up. I talked about a natural remedy that has changed my life and that’s sea moss.

With sea moss having 97 of our 102 minerals we need, it is a super food that can help your immune system in a major way. The energy that it  also comes with keeps your body on an a auto pilot type of wave. It continues to fight off all environmental ailments you may encounter. I wish I knew about a sooner.  I want everyone to try this for a month regularly and you can feel the difference right away. Literally in all aspects of it.

If you need recommendations I have posted a link of what I use. Make sure you trust a sea moss connect that is transparent as possible. Definitely some low quality out there. I thank the most high

for creating this product. Please let me know if you need any help .

Wildcrafted Raw Full Spectrum Sea Moss - 100% Natural, Vegan from St. Lucia - Makes 40oz of Sea Moss Gel - 2oz

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