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Samson: First Vegan Gladiator in the Bible

Good morning and happy Wednesday. I hope your week is blessed and productive. It’s time to break out for the arrival of more sun and better air! For those who know me personally know that I have taken the Nazarene oath years ago to never cut my hair. Another man who took this oath and became one of my first bible characters I loved dearly, and that is the man named Samson.

If you are not familiar with his story I’ll give a brief run down for you. Samson was Nazarene who Allah granted him with immense strength. He was a super power in himself. He was even instructed to not eat meat or anything dead as well. Jah also let him know his strength mainly came from his hair and to never cut it. He was also told not to marry a women who was a philistine.

He was looked at as the modern day athlete and he had the ego as well. He fought lions, battled army’s and killed with only his hands and an ox scull. He lwas once arrested and carried the door they built to keep him, 50 miles back to his house. He was that raw. But he started listening to his ego and not the most high. He got with Delilah, a philistine, and it was over. He told her his power was in his hair. She then set him up, cut his hair in his sleep and then was arrested and put on display in front of everyone. Blind beat up, bald , chained to 2 pillars at a party that happened to have everyone who hated him in the same building. He asked Jah to give him strength one last time. He then pulled this pillars down crushing him and all in the building.

This isn’t a sad story at all. He reminds me of me to be honest. When the most High grants you with a blessing that most can’t do or obtain , it is your duty to not waste it or use your to your advantage. Listen to your heart as well. If you feel it. Listen to it. I have Samson tattooed on my arm for a reason. The lesson learned can save your life.

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