Salute to Hamilton: Can’t forget Tulsa

It’s another day to make a change. For that we give thanks and praise to the most high always. I want to let you know that it gets better. Take one day at a time fully and we can build our lives back to the place we need to be. I also thank everyone for the motivation as well.

I wanted to start off by giving a shout out to Hamilton and the ACCA for inviting me to speak my mind and spread awareness right in front of city hall. I love seeing the young kings and queens rise up and make a change. Also the people of Hamilton from government officials to local units of progression: you all showed true solidarity for my people across the border and from the heart I thank you.

This is also the anniversary of the Tulsa massacre aka Black Wall Street. A quick run down, but I suggest you look this story up yourself. In 1930 in Tulsa, segregation was at a high. The Black community stayed on there side of town but built it up so good it was better then the white side. We had our own dentist, lawyers, supermarkets , schools, grocery stores, clothing stores: you name it . This caused jealousy for whatever reason by the white community and as soon as there was a fake story about some black attendant saying something to a women in an elevator, the white mob burned down , bombed(yes bombed with airplanes ) and murdered thousands of black for no reason. To this day , no arrest, barely any acknowledgement, and reparations isn’t even discussed.

We as black people go through so much . There is not one generation that hasn’t been exposed to this. But it makes us stronger than ever. I suggest everyone continue to research and take history very seriously. You will see why we are tired of fighting.

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