RIP Pat Stay

Good morning to the real. Hope everyone is having a great start to their week. Just know if you woke up this morning that is a true blessing because we never truly know when are time us up. I had to do a blog for the King Pat Stay who passed on to Zion last Saturday morning.

Brief intro in case you never heard or wondered what or who this person is . When you talk Canadian Battle Rap, you can’t talk about it without putting Pat Stay in the forefront. I remember watching him around 2014 and me being from Buffalo NY I was always rooting for the Americans to cross the border and battle it out. But this 6’5 white Canadian just kept coming with bars that you had to respect even if you didn’t really like him. KOTD was the first real time I got to see him battle and he use to kill it every round against some of the craziest battlers.

Battle rap can be tense but it’s such an art form. Most battle rappers however sound horrible on a beat . Pat was actually pretty ill on the track. His recent diss to The Game was to me a classic and will live on forever just like him.

It’s weird so many blogs had mixed information about where he’s from his religion and even if he’s married are not so I’m not going to put that knowledge out there that I can’t confirm. All I know is we lost a real one. It was a reminder that we don’t know when are time is up. I recently have approached so many things differently and his passing confirms I need to continue this way. Rest in Power King .

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