Ride for Those Who Ride

Happy Friday to everyone! If you have made it  to another day and another week big up yourself right now just for being you ! Trust me sometimes we all need some powerful reinforcement to know that someone recognizes and sees the grind you put in everyday. I just wanted to tap in on some things that motivate me more than anything. To all who put their hearts, passion , drive out there: just know that there will be people who take advantage of your loyalty and that’s ok. Here’s why.

I use to see things maybe on social media, flyers , or catch people having meetings or even sessions and wonder why not me ? What did I do other then show extreme loyalty, shown up when necessary, presented myself as a true team player , so what’s the problem? I had to overstand that the universe may be keeping you away to protect you. There is something greater coming down the pipeline. Maybe these people don’t deserve to be around your circle when the blessings start to overflow. I personally do feel underestimated, overlooked , betrayed even. But then the real remind me that who cares what they do or think they do this to everyone. So I’m definitely not alone in my frustration.

I realize that I will ride for those who fully ride for me and I do have a good amount of people who do . That’s all I need. Validation from snakes makes 0 sense. Being respected by lion and lioness is a whole different vibe. Overstand and you will not be disappointed ever again in fuccery you may observe.

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