It’s a new week and a new chance to grind. Every second we can choose to improve our surroundings. With that being said there is little time to waste, especially on getting our own revenge so to speak. It’s hard not to retaliate when you’ve been done wrong. I had to really get better at this myself. Today we talk about revenge.

Revenge can feel really good at times I have to admit this right up front. It even feels justified to a certain degree. Especially when you know the person violated you on a level and you have the weaponry to fire back rather it be with actual fire power or actions that can be taken. This definitely isn’t some “turn the other cheek “ blog either. That to me is impossible at times. However revenge can put us on a downward ride we didn’t intend for it to be. On a street level, once a person retaliates, it’s war time and that can go on for generations literally. On a personal level, when some one does you dirty you want that pound of flesh for your self so to speak. You want to see the revenge, feel it, laugh at and walk away like you stood up for yourself. But in some instances letting the universe handle the karma is literally the best decision.

As humans we become obsessed with vengefulness. We picture scenarios in our mind how it would play out so perfectly. In my case I was done wrong and had a atom bomb of revenge to fire back. I felt it was a test however. I knew if I dropped this bomb the damage would be horrible and in my heart that’s not me. There are lines you can’t cross of course. But this one hurt mentally, and that is actually worse. I stayed quiet moved on and let the universe work. And from what I’ve seen personally, the most high is whooping their ass everyday. I pray that he still has mercy on them still.

In perspective, no one is perfect. I’m not telling you at all not to fight back when necessary. But choosing your battles wisely can save you life. Don’t let anyone run over you, yet know when to be still and let the Creator work. I’m still going through it and even think of what I still could do, but that would go against everything I’m trying to build up which is a better king for my close circle. That’s it. Protection is necessary, patience is key. Try to do both daily and you will overstand who really fights your battles.

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