Rest is Real

Shoot Wednesday to all reading m. Sending healing and prosperity vibes to all. I want to thank everyone for the love and support. Big announcements coming up very soon. Stay locked in for details!  Today is a cardio day at the gym but I also wanted to express the importance of rest to everyone.

It’s hard to stay on one place and not be productive. I feel that anxiety a lot. It I don’t accomplish something positive or progressing to something I feel like I’ve ruined that day m. Time is so precious. We don’t have king even if we think we do. But the idea that “I’ll sleep when I’m dead “ is a ruthless type of behaviour that will eventually cause your entire body machine to shut down.

I love days of rest. I feel they are very necessary to the entire make up of our system. My rest days are filled with lectures , rest, heavy cannabis consumption, meditation, praying  and music. I suggest you find a day if the week and a rest routine as well. I work up to it actually pushing myself know that I’m not going to think it so much on that rest day. Your body, mind , and soul will not regret it.

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