Rest In Power Ava Mohamed

Happy Thursday to the real. I hope everyone is having a productive day in and out. Life lately keeps reminding me that we never know when our time is up and we need to continue to grow in a way we are supposed to. I wanted to show some love and respect for one of the most powerful Black Women on this planet who passed on to Zion last week and that is the Honourable Minister Ava Mohamed.

A true queen and a high ranking militant official of the Nation of Islam , Minister Ava Mohamed stood extremely tall in the Nation of Islam. If you watch many of the Honourable Louis Farrakhan lectures, you can find her giving a powerful speech before his teaching that will send chills up your spine. This is real motivation to me. We have a lot of speakers but not to many that can grab your soul like she did.

The Honourable Minister Ava Mohamed also had her own accomplishments that focused on healing and working through the life struggle. She has many classes that you can still take to better yourself and to gain self knowledge to empower your well being. Her book “The Third Force”  looks like it’s going to have to be in my library as a self healing tool that unleashes your true inner strength.  She received her doctorate from Georgetown University and has also dropped a book called “Real Love” that gained extreme popularity.

The Honourable Ava Mohamed will live in forever. We as a human people are gifted with such amazing talent. We shouldn’t be afraid to unleash it at all. Thank you Minister Mohamed for everything you left us. The soul appreciates this and we will  continue to spread your love and power to everyone.

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