Good Morning everyone happy Thursday as well. You know the vibes we almost ready for the end of the week. It’s been crazy few days but it motivated my post this morning. I wanted to be brief but talk about the importance of resilience.

We all go through daily struggles from every angle you want to feel it. I’ve made mistakes trust me. Put faith in people who ultimately back stabbed me. Naive to the fact that most people are not to be trusted no matter how close they are to you. It can feel like a cave mentality where you want to run and protect yourself.

Fucc That.

First of all let’s get to a point where we empty the trash without acknowledging it even. That’s what some people are and they even know it. Trash. You ever watch someone lie and you can’t air them out because now your the bully? Yes it’s trash . Rise about it. I’m literally in that situation. If I unleash and release 44 pages of truth now I’m bullying. But trash will take advantage of the fact you stay silent as well.

Let me be clear. When you stay silent , keep pressing through and you don’t fire back , that grants the universe , the most high , the chance to react for you and I promise it will. You will be blessed I promise you so stay on it. Don’t let no one touch you physically or mentally without your consent.  If they still hating that means they still watching. Take it as flattering because you don’t got time to even hate bacc. It’s time to react with your success. Revenge is better when Allah handles it.

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