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Reparations Are Necessary

Happy Friday to everyone. I hope wherever you are you receive some sun shine through out your day. Even a little bit helps. Hope everyone also has a wonderful weekend and please like we say in Buffalo NY, “stay safe”. I saw a recent breakdown online as to why reparations for Black Americans makes complete sense and I decided to magnify this call as well.

The argument that I’ve heard over and over which makes me want to yell at the top of my lungs, is that the current generation should not be held accountable for what their fathers, or grand parents did. My blood literally boils when I hear that. It doesn’t even make an ounce of sense.

The Jewish community(European decent) , are still getting reparations for the holocaust to this day. Rightfully so. Over 6 million people where murdered inhumanly for absolutely nothing. For anyone who disputes that it ever happened, let me clear. I seen it for myself in Germany. There’s no mistaken the tragedy at all and the world unit continues to compensate them.

The question though arises very quickly as to why and what reason are Black Americans not treated the same way? In the trans-Atlantic slave trade alone, just in the middle passage, which are the trips we took from our home land, to the cost of North America and the Caribbean, according to scholars, minimal 20 million to over 100 million lives where lost out of Africa. It’s proven that most ships packed over 1000 to 5000 slaves a trip knowing that 75 to 80 percent of them wouldn’t make it across. Or the ships ran out of food so they simply tied them all together to an anchor and dropped them to the bottom of the ocean keeping the best for the trip.

Then we have 400 years of free labour sending the American economy into a world power. We were passed around and sold like dogs. We were not allowed to educate ourselves or practice religion. We built the county for free.

Lastly the argument that this generation shouldn’t pay for what their grandparents did, let me tell you a story that I recently read that triggered this blog. Man by the name of let’s call him Bob Bird. Bob’s grand parents owned slaves, they have over 100 acres of land. Bob takes the land sells 20 acres of it for 5 million dollars. Keeps the land hands it to his son John. John has 5 million dollars and 80 acres he then sells another 20 for 5 million and re invests it into the left over land while keeping partial ownership of the sold acres. He now has 60 acres, 10 million and residual income. He passes that on to his kids Margaret and Marry. They take the money and buy back 20 acres and increase their ownership of the sold acres. We are now in the 1980s. Margaret and Marry pass it down to their kids. Fast forward, every grandkid received a free education, never had to work. And oh by the way family value is over 30 million dollars. Tell me again how this is fair.

Meanwhile we as Black Americans are still fighting for justice and equality. We where set back for years and we are the children of generations that literally couldn’t own anything and when we did Babylon took it from us. We deserve more. Flat out.

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