Rastafari series Pt 5 Jah 9

It’s the end of the week and you have made it! Your alive and your well, this means we have another chance to change our lives and for that we give thanks. Thank everyone for the motivation it truly keeps me going throughout the day. Tonight I will be on my Sabbath vibe. I also want to send prayers up to my Islamic family as Ramadan is approaching. It takes a strong will to go through that trial and one of the strongest artist I have listened to in my life is the artist Jah 9.

JAH 9 is a female Rastafari Militant Artist and yoga instructor who has been cutting Babylons feet for some time now. Born out of Montego Bay, Jamaica in 1983, it seems like most Rastafari have similar backgrounds. Just like me in a sense, Jah 9’s father was a baptist preacher while her mother was a social worker. My grandpa was exactly the same. That passion and leadership is definitely in our DNA.

Her music style has been described as jazz -dub. When I hear it the first word that comes to mind is power. You feel an intense strength or a rise to heal with every note. Some of her concerts are actually yoga meditation retreats with a concert attached. She has a Nina Simone type of vibe to it. My favourite song she put out was “Note to Self” featuring Chronixx. You can feel the affirmation. I suggest you play this song as you steam up the herb or as a calling to start your day. It’s a true anxiety killer.

Jah 9 had also been a true advocate for clean and organic cannabis. She recently called out the genetic mutation that had been going on with some cannabis, that can now change the effects of how it’s supposed to heal. “We have to be careful what we ingest especially when it comes to the herb “. I highly agree. We need to stand firm on the organic side and fight back against genetics that are fake or mutated.

Thank you Jah 9 for the frontline assistance always. I’m rolling up as we speak. The voice of the lioness can heal or kill. Listen to the queens of the earth very carefully. It could save your life.

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