Rastafari Series Pt 4 Leonard Howell

Grand rising to the people of the Universe! We are alive, which means we have another day to make a difference in our lives and in someone else’s. In these times we need a circle around us that’s tighter then a python crushing it’s meal. One person who I know I would have loved to have on my team especially for the liberation of my people is a man named Leonard Howell, who some will say was the “first Rasta “ .

Born in 1898 out of Jamaica, Leonard was passionate and eager in his youth years. He moved to Panama, New York, then back to Jamaica to continue voicing his message. He settled in Panama where he can go back and forth to New York City as much as possible. While on the streets of NYC he literally ran into and was confronted by the one and only Marcus Garvey. Garvey checked him literally about his identity on the streets of Harlem. This interaction was no coincidence at all as Howell then became prominent figure in the UNIA (United Negro Improvement Association) and began to magnify his proclamation.

Howell’s message was very clear. He saw the Messiah coming! He was the first to announce that we as black people need to look to the east. He crowned Haile Selassie perfect in his kingly character and even led songs like “God save the king”. He was very anti-colonialism as he should. But the sad part about these events that angers me the most, was his arrest for “sedition”. He had all of his sermons monitored by Babylonian forces that wanted him to obviously proclaim the alien cartoon character,

aka white Jesus Christ, as the actual saviour. In the 1930’s the fear of the black men and women was real. So when Babylon mustard up lies on Garvey, they charged Howell with something similar to “witch craft”, and he spent 2 years in prison, then was deported back to Jamaica for his amazing works.

He left his family and began to spread the message of RastaFari. In these times no one understood let alone over stood what he was actually saying. Rasta’s where being persecuted by our own for simple living our life. He crowned Selassie as the “Supreme King “ and expressed that Ethiopia was rising to take over the Anglo-Saxon ways that separated us as a people.

Thank you Mr Howell. I would have loved to have been there for any and all of your sermons. A true liberator. A true warrior. A true Rastafari!!!

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