Rastafari Series Pt 3. Empress Menen Asfaw

It’s a new day and a new chance to improve ourselves! I give thanks to the Most High and for you! Every person who reads these blog post motivates me to continue to share what I feel is good food for the mind. When building your foundation , or getting to a Zion level, there has to be structure and a powerful love flow that runs through it. Empress Menen Asfaw is an amazing example of what an Empress means to the kingdom.

Born March 25th 1889 from Willow, Ethiopia; she was the wife of King Haile Selassie I. She stood tall amongst many attempts to take over or take down the empire that was laid out by the Solomonic Dynasty. She is described as a women with “…no malice in her heart whatsoever “ . Her works where behind the scenes yet focused on the betterment of Women all over the world, and specifically Ethiopia. She displayed her courage to stand next to her King and support him at all times. One story that I particularly love is the confrontation between Ras Tafari (King Selassie I) and the at the time ruling party of Empress Zawditu and her advisers. Empress menen didn’t play games. She straight called and commanded the army to come to the capital and assist her King and needles to say that was the end of that. If your queen calls up the goons without you having to ask you marry that women immediately.

The work the Empress Menen displayed was full of Love and strength. She founded the Empress Menen School for girls, which was the first all girl school founded in Ethiopia. The Empress gave very generously, as well as sponsored programs for the less fortunate , sick and disabled. She quietly offered countless advice and input for many major decisions during this time era. Her work was also filled with building and rebuilding countless churches and hospitals, while also participating in a pilgrimage to holy places in Syria, Lebanon, Jerusalem and Palestine. She stood firm on every accord. One thing that stands out to me is when King Selassie spoke about his wife in passing he stated the never needed a “mediator through, our marriage was filled with peace and mutual support”. We can all agree, add love in the mix and we all can take a lesson from this kingdom.

This to me is a great example of what an Empress means to the household and how important she is no matter what the circumstances are. “ Cant build a kingdom without a queen.” Facts. All day. As individuals we are all kings and queens and have are own set worldly kingdoms. It’s the Zion life we strive after. Set yourself standard high and know there is a king or queen out there for you that will not only help build the kingdom, but be the absolute core of the entire process. Men you know we can’t do anything alone. Definitely not kingdom construction. Thank you Empress Menen for your works, your love, your strength.

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