Rastafari Series pt 2. King of all Kings

Blessing and love to everyone who has genuinely supported and read each one of my blog post. It motivates me more than you know. We are entering into the real spring and it’s important for us to continue putting in the work on all fronts. It’s also may be hard to look to others for help or guidance but I encourage everyone to look within yourself. We all have that Kingly or Queenly attributes inside of us, we just need to channel them into our manifestation. On that statement, a great example is the King of all Kings Haile Selassie I.

Born in 1892 as Tafari Makonnen, we as Rastafari know and believe in his Solomonic Dynasty lineage which stems from the meeting between Queen Sheba and King Solomon. His name actually means “power of the holy trinity”. He was Emperor from 1930 to 1974 where he modernized Africa into the 21 century by unifying the continent at a time where the world was feasting on its resources. There are so many accolades that it will require another reasoning. Today I want to focus on what the king means to me in the Rastafari sense.

His courage to take on the Italian attack, his faith and strength he displayed on a daily basis, and his love for his people are examples of the kingly character we in Rastafari strive for. He is the first Rasta ever, we believe , and his trip to Jamaica confirms his love for us as people. He told many leaders who questioned our thoughts, to “let them be for they know exactly what they are doing.” In my perspective there is no other King like him. The humble strength is what we need to be about. He stood firm in battle, took on the League of Nations, and ran Mussolini’s coward ass out and back to his county to meet his karma that the dictator created. There are some that say Selassie is Christ. In my camp, we believe he is Christ like in his kingly character . We all have this capability and that’s what he has shown me.

There is again so much more and I’m already getting the more detailed blog post about the King set up. It’s way more in depth then what I’ve stated. His works are endless. He never stopped even into his 80’s. I believe in this work ethic. I feel it’s important to grab from our elders what we can to continue the foundation building they have laid out for us. The king unified everyone no matter language or belief. I know his spirit still watches over Rastafari. My goal is to one day visit the king in his home in Ethiopia. But overstand he was 5’8, quiet, but in his eyes and in his actions he had more power then anyone could imagine. We all have this attribute as well. I thank the King for setting the example and giving us the truth we needed to continue our strong faith. He is truly the king of all kings. He has shown us we all can be king of all kings or queen of all queens to our own home. The Zion life. That’s what we need to strive for.

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