Rastafari Saved My Life pt. 1

Jah bless and thank you for stopping through again. The support and feed back has been amazing to say the least. If your up North you know it’s March and we are almost out of the seasonal depression stage so hold on just a few more weeks! The season is changing slowly just like a person transitioning to a different paradigm. This is how I felt coming into the truth of Rastafari.

“What is Rastafari and how did it save your life?”. The definition and in depth origin will take more than a few Reasonings to explain. However the basis can be set clear. It’s a lifestyle not a religion. Our truth in form is birthed from Hebrew, Islam, and Christianity. We have a love and loyalty to Ethiopia and the King of all Kings Haile Selassie I. The books that are studied include the Bible, Holy Quran and other chapters or books that where hidden during colonization. This is still very very vanilla and I want to explain that information another day. Saving my life through this lifestyle is quite simple to answer. It provided structure. It was my truth and my identity. My upbringing was ordained to be nothing but Rastafari. The very definition is “reverence to the creator “ and that’s what we stand on.

Going to a Baptist church, then attending a private Christian School, I was bombarded with many opinions about what was right. Rastafari gave me the open field to find that personal truth that is also no way shape or form fictional. My Jamaica trips always gave me that home feel and when I went back recently in 2015 I knew what path I was going to take. The reggae music meant more. The lyrics became sermons. The fight against oppression and Babylon shit began. I feel whole. I study and pray more than ever. The herb is for sacrament and to calm the spirit. I felt very blind and now the vision is at an overstanding.

I will do another in depth talk about the actual foundation of Rastafari that include all of our great Souljah’s. I just felt they needed more respect then just a short blog. The flag, the colours , the hair: it’s all relative and I can’t wait to give out the knowledge on these topics. I want you to know Rastafari is in everyone. We are one. But it’s the ones who don’t have that “love for all who have love for all “ mentality that need to be eliminated from our lives. We don’t judge anyone. We love our truth and welcome all to learn, teach and grow. If most religions had this mindset , then we all wouldn’t be so segregated and overstand that we all believe and that’s a beautiful unity.

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