Rastafari Lion Love

Jah blessing and guidance to all that have woke up today. I hope your week starts off amazing and finishes off even better. I haven’t got back to my Rastafari awareness as far as blog posts. I felt the energy was shifted to other important subjects. Today let’s get back to the roots. I get asked the question a lot about the significance of the lion in our lifestyle choice so let’s get into it.

First off if you hear the phrase “The Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah”: which most of you have heard in many reggae songs but probably have no clue of the meaning. This is directly talking about our leader , teacher and guide , King Selassie The First. He is the first and true Rasta. The conquering lion is in align with what he did and the proper lineage of Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. The kings works are lion like in the sense that the lion is Christ or messiah. When King Selassie returned to the Ethiopia to free them from the Italian 6 year rule and crush the head of loud ass Napoleon, he fulfilled this order and manifested the name.

The lion itself is in all of us. The spirit not to give up. The power to protect the pride. The vision to stay calm while watching enemies approach. Finally the grace to kill or not kill. The phrase I love that comes from depth of all of this : “the lion will lay with the lamb “. David , which is King Solomon s father, saw this image and wrote about it in the sense that Jah is the Lion and we the people are the Lamb. The grace that is shown to us on a daily basis , and our universal blessings come from this very vision.

I hope that makes sense if not please feel free to message me. Let’s interact whenever I would love to teach what I can as I’m still learning daily. Love for all who got Love for all.

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