Quiet Storm

Happy Wednesday to the real. I want to  thank everyone for supporting me seriously. The love is truly felt all over and it s appreciated. So again thank you. I wanted to talk today about the quiet storm effect we need to continue to have.

I stay away from ones who do a lot of talking about what their doing or how they are about to come up. Sometimes announcing everything isn’t necessary. One thing I have learned is that not everyone wants to see you successful they could give a fuc about it actually. Then there are some that pray for you everyday. You have to choose wisely. You won’t be able to prevent hate from people who may not know your moves or struggle. But you can keep a circle that knows you so well that you don’t have to explain anything to them, they know your heart your soul and know where your going moves wise.

Quiets storm is my style and I won’t change that. I can be humble to a fault but I have faith in that aspect so I will continue to not change how I believe this whole thing operates. It’s the “surprise I’m here and now raining down on everyone”, flow. The storm that rumbles gives your antagonizers time to run and hide like they didn’t mock you like the people that mocked Noah. The rains came and they begged to be up in the ark but it was to late. Keep going no matter what. Jah has a plan for you and he also operates in the quiet storm aspect. His blessings will come when you least expect it.

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