Quiet Canada Black Organizations: Scared to Speak?

Good day to all reading. It’s Tuesday and it’s officially summer season. Make sure you enjoy every last bit of it to the fullest. It’s been a rough week but while in transition it can get sticky. The grind never stops however. We all need to be consistent in are trod. With that said I have a question for a lot of Black Organizations in Canada; why are you so quiet all of sudden?

Jayland Walker just a few days ago was shot over 60 times and shot at over 90. His body so mutilated it was unidentifiable. Emmit till all over again but this time by cops. I don’t know why a simple report, a simple call out and a show of solidarity wouldn’t be in order. Like it shocks me to a full degree. I consider myself still part of BLM Canada …but what is that even ? So just like the pandemic you disappear when your personal life goes back to normal ?

George Floyd sent shockwaves through the world but I will say Canada especially the GTA was the LAST to step up. Then it seemed like protesting became fuccin trendy. We taking about life here. But this border shield that most Canadian black people are under gives the false sense of safety I guess.

Most organizations are also more “African “ based. Another mine Fuc because we are suppose to be ONE NATION. But our African cousins don’t even feel the same way. Example . In London I was part of a protest calling out the police nationally. Out of about 1k people 10 where black me included. Then the very next week a Nigerian African sector did a protest for “police discrimination in Nigeria “…. What !!?? We supposed to be fighting together no? Then when asked they literally acted dumb and showed that in their hearts they only care for them.

This leaves Black Americans fully alone in our battle. Your silence says it all . You want a discussion about this issue feel free to contact me let’s have a session. But I lost a lot of respect for close people who I at one point would die for.

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