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Quick update: Cooking up Proper

Happy Wednesday to the real. I hope your week is filled with lessons learned and good vibes only tactics. It can be hard out here usually around this time. Holidays will be coming up, the weather is changing and we need to be vigilant enough with our self care. I wanted to give a quick update on how things have been progressing my way.

Hard work definitely pays off. The difference between me and other artist in the industry especially is that some are not use to putting in work by themselves. I was an only child growing up so I’ll had was me . I learned how to push myself, by myself , in order to reach any goal I wanted. Fast forward to now and it effects my everyday routine fully. My daily tradition consist of working out , writing , reading from 5 different books a day , then writing music or networking . In order to stay consistent , there has to be a self drive that you hold yourself accountable. It’s you vs you.

I want to thank everyone always for their support. New music is on the way I think this weekend I will lock in on a release date . I’m already working on the 3rd album as well so the 2nd is just sitting there waiting but I have to get some visuals out first. Every person who reads this blog I hope you know you inspire me in ever way. I can see exactly who and where’s my readers come from. Hate or love it’s all the same. Thank you for your support and your lessons !

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