Queens Passing

Happy Monday to everyone. Hope you are staying productive no matter what. I wanted to dive right in and give my take on the news of Queen Elizabeth of England passing. Thank you again for reading and supporting it truly means a lot.

So to be clear we as a society I feel shouldn’t dance, pop champagne, or celebrate death of any kind. However the pain that was left by this “royal “ regime is indescribable. You can’t spell colonization without this “kingdom” being in the center. There is no excuse as well . I keep hearing about the time of appeasement and why the actions where necessary. There is 0 excuse.

Once this time period was over it was time to give everything back. Instead it was paraded around as if the right was given for them to steal. The queen might have done numerous works in a positive way, but nothing outweighs the foundation that was laid for the regime to benefit off of everyone else’s resources. I will pray for her and the family. That is all.

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