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Queen of Sheba

You know what time it is . Time to get up get out and get something like my boys in the Goodie Mobb would say. No matter what or who tries to kill your spirit, take it as motivation and use it as a mental workout to become stronger in life. Trust and believe it will make you a beast. Today I wanted to give some true love to a serious and infamous Queen who is also very prominent in Rastafari and that is the amazing Queen of Sheba aka Queen Makeda.

When I first heard of her when I was young, it was in the bible. Then I swear she was depicted in movies looking like she was maybe Italian at best. Of course the white washing at that time was at an all time high. Then the facts come out. She was a true Empress who ran the entire South of what we know as Africa. This included Ethiopia and southern Arabia. She literally was ruling Jewish, Christian and Islamic governments all by herself. She was full of riches and there is clear evidence that she was beautiful in stature. The Feta Negust is a book that I read over 3 times. It describes her as very stout and tall body wise. A women who needed nothing and was only attracted to wisdom and mental stimulation. That’s what attracted her to King Solomon and the rest is true history.

Of course historian s try to blot her out, white wash everything like the do in the Bible, and take her influence in the Bible and real life away. She reminds me of a queen who wouldn’t just let anyone in her circle. She is also mentioned in the Quran (27:44). What person , especially a women you know is mentioned in every major book with power ? I would have love to see her just walk in the room. If you can do research on the true Queen of the South.

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