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Pray for Damar Hamlin

Good morning everyone. Today seems a little off to be honest. If your not aware me being from Buffalo NY is a sure sign that I am also a heavy Bills Mafia family member. My father was the D coordinator and linebacker coach for many years with the organization and I was blessed to ball/water boy through out high school. Making it to the NFL seemed like a flash but playing and being just a part of that family unit always felt amazing. Its more than just a gang of guys. You see these people more than your family, loved ones, and even your wife/girlfriend. You have conversations with them and help each other heal through everything. You become brothers in the trenches.

So when you see your brother badly hurt you immediately are concerned with his safety or career. But this was different. Life and death is nothing to play with. This game is ultimately still entertainment. Players get paid good money, as they should, to play this high level sport. Bodies are put on the line, and its a War mentality. That all goes out the window when you see your brother who you ride for , almost loose his life and is still fighting for his life as I type this. My heart goes out to his Mom who was on the scene and for his family. If you are not aware he is a football player for the bills who made a hit that wasn't hard at all. He got up and collapsed on the field. They had to give him CPR for a few minutes before putting in the ambulance. He is currently still fighting for his life in Cincinnati.

Life is short. I cant stop thinking about it to be honest. The one thing as players is that we never want to get badly hurt especially in front of our family to see. That was literally the only thing on my mind sometimes is safety. I remember being petrified right before kick out I mean nerves you couldnt even imagine. Then that first hit you go into a zone and forget the dangers of the game you play. Its not just football players or athletes. Its people who also have high risk jobs and know that everyday they are out there could be their last.

I pray to Allah for D Hamlin. Please pull through. Show everyone that God is great. You have our prayers thoughts and guidance. Bless Up, Rise up I pray.

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