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Powerful Gift I’ll Never forget:

Happy Thursday we are almost there ! It’s been a rough one but we are almost through the week. Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as possible. Don’t give up on yourself even if you think no one is watching, I promise you someone is. With that being said I wanted to talk about a gift I received from a fellow front line warrior and what it means.

I stare and read what was wrote to me every day. I truly feel the power transferred through the necklace. I won’t get into detail what each piece means on the piece, or how it’s was carefully handcrafted with a specific meaning to it. To me that’s personal through the trinity of the gifter, the most high and me. But it hit my soul because for years I felt alone in the battle. I felt that no one sees the pain , the lack of awareness even from my own people , and the lack of care when one of my fellow Black Americans is shot down by police. It’s hard to be in a country like Canada, that turns away from these battles, and only steps up when it’s socially acceptable. On the same page America doesn’t do enough and never will. So I feel stuck sometimes in this parallel world of anger and sadness.

But my king Kyle, who has always been on the frontline and spreading the real since I’ve known him. Chaining himself to an RBC bank to bring awareness of their fuccery and full investment into the pipe line that is still being built on native soil: king shit!! Real riders don’t talk they just take action. I got love and admiration for this king fully. And the gift I received from him I take so seriously.

Thank you again. And for those who are fighting just keep on. Fuc it we live hard we might as well die hard to!!!!!

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