Pistachio Love

Jah bless and love to all. I thank even 1 or 100 of you that come to my blog when you can. I will not let you down with daily mental food that can somehow help. Today on the health series, I’m going to reason about one of my favourite snacks that I truly love, and that’s pistachios!

We as humans have been eating pistachios for over 7000 years. It’s actually an edible seed which is it’s packed with protein, fiber and antioxidants. It’s also a very low calorie snack which gives you free rain to eat as much as you can. It definitely helps with a healthy gut as the fiber moves very well through the digestive system. The fiber then converts into a short chain fatty acid which can prevent disorders such as cancer , heart disease and many digestive ailments. Pistachios can also help with blood sugar levels by keeping them low. With the antioxidant compounds, it’s no surprise how this helps blood sugar control.

One of my favourite benefits of pistachios which you can feel right away is it’s benefits for blood vessel help. Kind of like Irish Sea moss, pistachios are rich with L-arginine, which when converted into nitric oxide, helps dilate your blood vessels. Another words increased blood flow through out the body. After a good workout or even before, a handful of pistachios can make a huge difference.

Pistachios also aid with sleep and even depression. My favourite I have to say of all time are the shell-less Salt and Vinegar Pistachios by the company Wonderful. They hit just that good where I can’t keep a bag for more then 1 or 2 days. Thank the Most High for giving us this wonderful edible seed. Give it a try for a week, adding them to salads or a handful at lunch and a handful at night for the later snack. I promise , you will feel the difference!

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